Rosie Packer


La Mouette, by Rosie Packer

la-mouette-bookRosie’s first novel La Mouette (available on Amazon) is set in the milieu of Paris’s most decadent era, it is a love letter to art about the lives and experiences of post-impressionist painters where even Monet makes appearances.

The following is an extract from the novel La Mouette, by Rosie Packer.

Giverny – November 1897

Chapter 18

From Pont-Aven Dominic and Georges travelled to Giverny to meet the driving force of the Impressionists, Claude Monet. Georges had a connection with him through his family in Aix; his mother was a cousin of Paul Cézanne, and it was she who had initiated the meeting. However, both Dominic and Georges had written separately to Monet. Georges to thank him for agreeing to see them and Dominic to introduce himself and to confirm the date of their arrival. When they did arrive at Giverny they were spellbound by the beauty of the place; by the setting and the water gardens and even though it was late autumn, the flowers were still in abundance, and on the glassy surface of the water the floating lilies were still in profusion.

They were collected at the station and driven to the artist’s home in a little white horse-drawn van. On arrival at the house were they were greeted by Monet “Come in my friends” he said, beckoning them into his home. “Ah Fauchet” he remarked, turning to Dominic, “I’ve heard of you, and I’ve seen your work in Paris; it’s interesting, it’s innovative, I hope you are prosperous and well.

La Mouette is available on Amazon here.