Rosie Packer


Rosie Packer – Abstract Artist.

Rosie Packer ArtistRosie Packer began her career as an artist at a young age, and has continued to paint throughout her life. Her unique style is inspired by the subtle blue, emerald and turquoise hues of the Cornish coastline surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Rosie also paints landscapes and scenes of the city, but the mystical seascapes are the trademark of the original art of Rosie Packer.

She learned her craft in Tel Aviv and has created an engaging array of paintings that combine lines, curves, flora, fauna, and seascapes, highlighted by captivating archways that beseech the observer to dally and contemplate.

Her first novel, La Mouette (available on Amazon) is set in the milieu of Paris’s most decadent era, it is a love letter to art about the lives and experiences of post-impressionist painters where even Monet makes appearances.

Rosie lives and works in south-west London and sells her art privately. She accepts commissions and has exhibited her paintings in Tel Aviv, London and West Wales.